Heart of Stone

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #45
Mish is throwing rocks in the Pub today


Heart of Stone

what i know about rocks could fill a
or not
i know they can be thrown
and skipped
dug up
and buried
sometimes they rock when
stepped on
what I’ve learned about rocks
is that they hold great mysteries
in their hearts


15 thoughts on “Heart of Stone

  1. The last bit is written as only a true rock hound would write! At the heart… great mysteries. Sometimes a bit of “violence” (cutting, polishing, tumbling) reveals the beauty that’s always been within.

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  2. I enjoyed the play on the words ‘rocks’ and ‘rocket’ and the way you played around with those stones – there’s lots of movement in your quadrille, Candy, which is interesting when a rock doesn’t actually move much unless we interact with it. Now that’s got me thinking…

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