Day Off

“Your shoes will make you happy today”

my shoes have taken the day off
the pink pumps are sleeping in
those boots are not made for walking

and walking shoes are hiding
under my bed sticking their
tongues out at the sun

even my flip flops have flipped
over and gone back to sleep
my toes are giggling as they

wiggle in the dewy grass
and I am happy


They’re talking fortune cookies at the d’Vers Pubย today

38 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. I absolutely love this one! What fun to think of the shoes that are happy because they don’t have to work… Ha, I don’t blame them. (And I like wiggling my toes in the grass as well.)


  2. Been an eon, or so, since I ventured forth barefoot, connecting blissfully & personally with the earth beneath me–grass, sand, dust, & mud; all smeared on arch, heel & between the toes. You make me ache for Spring.


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