d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: Border

Grace has us contemplating borders in the Pub


I built a little border
around my herb garden
moss covered bricks
reclaimed from a long
forgotten sidewalk
In my garden I planted
dill, chamomile, thyme
and oregano in straight lines
I made a chart so everyone
would see what an orderly
gardener I was, and think
highly of me
I was proud
The dill and chamomile spread
willy-nilly throughout the
flopping oregano that
threatened to smother
the humble thyme
each plant deciding for
itself where it would grow
I removed the little border
of bricks and set my garden free
I was happy

Tickled Pinkish – a Nonet


her silly antics made me laugh a
great big loud guffaw escaped and
floated through the atmosphere
I giggled til I thought
I’d burst and blushed a
shade of red – guess
it’s true I’m

Poetic Asides -April PAD Day 10

Choose an emotion and make it the title of your poem

Day Off

“Your shoes will make you happy today”

my shoes have taken the day off
the pink pumps are sleeping in
those boots are not made for walking

and walking shoes are hiding
under my bed sticking their
tongues out at the sun

even my flip flops have flipped
over and gone back to sleep
my toes are giggling as they

wiggle in the dewy grass
and I am happy


They’re talking fortune cookies at the d’Vers Pub┬átoday