I did not sleep until
I heard the owl call
to me and the

crickets sing
a lullaby of
gentle songs

moon and stars
were my night-lights
chasing away the

phantoms that lurked
in the corners of the

only then did I dream

Over ar dVerse it’s a Quadrille Monday – thanks Bjorn

29 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Love it! Love the moon and stars as nightlights. My granddaughter has a “turtle” that has small start shaped holes in its back…and when she goes to bed, you turn the turtle’s light on, and it projects beautiful stars on her ceiling. Lovely.


  2. Yes, I have had those long nights. Great reassurance, when the living things begin to come awake, so we can finally drip off in that promise of dawn.

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  3. There is something very soothing about the night sounds outside our windows. This reminded me of when I would hear Chuck-Will’s-Widows calling back and forth to one another in the night. A somehow comforting sound I thought.

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