Escaping Dreams

Escaping Dreams

I used to dream, on random nights,
About a fire that came on sneaky feet
A hungry fire that licked its lips when
It saw me – alone – I ran and ran
All through the night until a calming
Hand held tightly to mine and I
Woke up – with you

Bye Bye Guy

There’s a Boogeyman in the Garden today – eeek!

Bye Bye Guy

You’d better boogey (on down
the road) man
Crawl out from under the
Bed and boog-a-loo, bugaboo
Make yourself scarce – crow
And fly back to your hidey-hole
So long Bubba yaga(tta)
Skedattle ’cause this gal
Has some dreamin’ to do


I did not sleep until
I heard the owl call
to me and the

crickets sing
a lullaby of
gentle songs

moon and stars
were my night-lights
chasing away the

phantoms that lurked
in the corners of the

only then did I dream

Over ar dVerse it’s a Quadrille Monday – thanks Bjorn