Shoe Blues

Writing Shoes – putting on some ‘shoes’ for a walk in the Garden today

Shoe Blues

My walking shoes took off on some urgent journey
Without leaving a track to follow back
And my sneakers are tip-toeing around the house
Tied up in knots
Loafers are on the couch binge watching Footloose
Didn’t even bring a penny
Slippers keep sliding down the hall
Trying to get to the bedroom
Kitten heels are chasing duck boots through the garden
Startling my muck shoes, hiding under the clogged jellies
And while my shoes are pairing up for life
I’m sitting here, barefoot, just writing a poem

So Long Friend

It’s time for ‘Bits of Inspiration’ in the Garden and today we’re getting that inspiration from Shoes

So Long Friend

time to give you the boot
my old friend
no use sticking out your
you just don’t support me
any longer
you’ve tied one on once
too often
our relationship is rather
there is no shine
i’m left feeling
you and i no longer
it’s not me, it’s

In My Shoes


Go ahead walk
a mile in my shoes
try the sneakers
(you might have to run)
or the zebra striped flats
stay away from the new
canvas ones – they pinch
if you choose the garden
boots wear socks to
avoid nasty blisters
penny loafers will transport
you back in time – if
you wear them too long
flip flops are always fun
I recommend the aqua pair
Go ahead take a walk
in my shoes ’cause I’ll
be dancing barefoot


Poetic Asides PAD 23 – footwear

Day Off

“Your shoes will make you happy today”

my shoes have taken the day off
the pink pumps are sleeping in
those boots are not made for walking

and walking shoes are hiding
under my bed sticking their
tongues out at the sun

even my flip flops have flipped
over and gone back to sleep
my toes are giggling as they

wiggle in the dewy grass
and I am happy


They’re talking fortune cookies at the d’Vers Pub┬átoday