With Closed Eyes

she always closed her eyes
when wishing on a star
she could not bear the scar
if there were only lies

some planet in disguise
bold, shameless avatar
she always closed her eyes
when wishing on a star

she did not realize
the moon strummed a guitar
hummed love songs from afar
with tender moonbeam sighs –
she always closed her eyes


Today at d’Verseย Poets Pub, Gayle from Bodhiroseย has challenged us to write a Rondel
Meeting the Bar; the Rondel

39 thoughts on “With Closed Eyes

  1. It looks & feels near perfect to form; lovely, sweet & romantic. to is wistful as well, touching on our need to make sense out of life & the cosmos.


  2. I think that is how you make a wish, with closed eyes. :~) I especially love your last verse, Candy, picturing that moon strumming a guitar…humming love songs. Charming!


  3. “…with tender moonbeam sighs…” I am smiling here at this lovely and gentle piece. Just the perfect poem to read sipping my morning coffee. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Avatars of human
    that story comes
    true.. when flesh
    becomes word
    and word
    other we
    real are
    no longer
    jUSt no
    longer REAL..
    sTiLL here wITH
    no beating
    flesh to
    to sKin of otHeRs..
    the reward of living
    forever can be never
    lives online


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