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Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompt
‘Another ___________’


Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

I have learned to love the clouds
Light gray, dark gray
Wispy, ominous
Sometimes a wooly
Blanket covering the sky
I love them when they line up,
Like children waiting for
Recess, pushing and shoving
One another
One day they might rush by in a hurry to
Get to the next town or else they’ll
Just hang around for a while
Waiting for the wind to
Push them along
To soak up secrets from
Another admirer in a far off land
There is beauty in their forms
And shapes, their subtle shading,
The way they blush pink in the
Evening because they’ve hidden the
Sun all day
I have learned to love the clouds
Look up as they pass
And wish them well

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads – Tuesday Platform



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A Simple Valentine’s Day


A Simple Valentine’s Day

I pull on my valentine socks
The gray striped ones with
Shiny hearts all over them
I made you a pop-up card
That says ‘I *heart* you
You bought me six chocolate roses
And a chai latte
No lavish dinner
No giant heart shaped box
No wine and candlelight
No serenade
We know that love is in
The small things
Looks exchanged
The gentle touch of a hand
An old song remembered
The everyday gestures
That we do not take for




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Heart Condition

D’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #50 – murmur

De has us murmuring to ourselves at the Pub today

Heart Condition

An affliction of the heart
Not a-pitter or a-patter
No whooshing, beating,
Thrumming sound
Something softer
A whisper
That continues
Through the day
And through the night
A comforting small murmur
Of your voice repeating
“I love you”


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Where is Love

Meeting the Bar at d’Verse Poets Pub
Paul has challenged us to give The Ghazal a try

Where is Love


A tear-streaked face up-turned to the sky
Searched every day for signs of love in the sky

A shape, a word, a flash of light – but
Not even silent clouds floated in the sky

Unbroken, endless blue and nothing more
No flying bird or breath of wind across the sky

Then gently wafting, starting softly like a whisper
Tender notes began to travel through the sky

They lead me down a winding lane to you
And there is love waiting for me – not in the sky


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A Lover Leaps


Welcome 2018!
D’Verse Poets Pub Quadrille #47 – leap


A Lover Leaps

My heart said,
“Go ahead, take a leap.”
But my brain said,
“No, no, no – you might
Get hurt.”
You smiled
A tender smile
Your blue eyes sparkled
With joy
My heart took a deep breath
My brain closed it’s eyes
I leapt


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You Fill Me Up

I Once Used an Earthquake–dVerse MTB: Symbolism
Victoria is tending bar today at the Pub

You Fill Me Up

the refrigerator stood alone
in the kitchen
bright and shiny on the outside
almost empty on the inside
everyday it gave and gave
never questioning or complaining
always in the middle of gatherings
and parties but somehow feeling
left out, overlooked
then he came with bags
of love and hope
and it felt full again