Where is Love

Meeting the Bar at d’Verse Poets Pub
Paul has challenged us to give The Ghazal a try

Where is Love


A tear-streaked face up-turned to the sky
Searched every day for signs of love in the sky

A shape, a word, a flash of light – but
Not even silent clouds floated in the sky

Unbroken, endless blue and nothing more
No flying bird or breath of wind across the sky

Then gently wafting, starting softly like a whisper
Tender notes began to travel through the sky

They lead me down a winding lane to you
And there is love waiting for me – not in the sky


10 thoughts on “Where is Love

  1. There is longing, a vast longing, in this and also a sense of hope that the voice will find us and take us away. I thought of a soul before its born into the world, and it just needs that voice to say, “Come” and thus it is born.


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