Looking For Love in the Home Depot

Looking For Love in the Home Depot


You tear things down
Remove the historical details
In favor of the smooth

The modern –
Roaming the aisles of
2x4s and plasterboard

And I, I long for color
And pattern and antiques-
Roaming the aisles of

Paint and knobs and
Together we build a life

Composed of our differences
A home, a depot
Of collected memories


My cousin challenged me to write a love poem about Home Depot

also posting on d’Verse Poets Pub – OLN

15 thoughts on “Looking For Love in the Home Depot

  1. Well played. I would actually find this challenge easy… I friggin​’ love everything about home depot haha Actually I would probably find it difficult.. I can’t step foot in a home depot without spending $100 at a minimum.

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  2. Who would ever think of looking for love in the Home Depot? And if you don’t find it roaming up and down the aisles, you can ask one of those helpful hardware folks for assistance (whoops, that’s Ace Hardware!)

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