A Note of Love

d’Verse Poets Pub – Shed some light on this today!
Lillian is our gracious host in the pub tonight

She built a shed
To shield her heart
Filled with her own
Soft words and art

It was a shell
In which to hide
From bitter winds
And foaming tides

Built to protect
A wounded soul
Keep others out
Stay in control

Until she heard
One plaintive note
So she peeked out
And saw a boat

A boat that floundered
In the waves
It needed help
It needed saved

Again that plaintive
Note rang out
It rang for her
There was no doubt

She opened wide
The she-shell door
To show the boat
Where it could moor

She let that note
Into her soul
It turned to love
It made her whole

9 thoughts on “A Note of Love

  1. Okay! I love the rhyme, the short lines, the cadence I catch when I read it aloud, the story contained within the words….and using it as an adage, the lesson we can learn. So glad you posted to the prompt!

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    1. Thanks, Lillian. I don’t often write in rhyme, but yesterday I wrote a poem to my Amaryllis (which is growing slooooowly) and it came out in rhyme. I guess this just flowed along, following that one.


  2. she “opened wide the she-shell door… and let that note into her soul”. beautiful and powerful. it’s a tale of a self-possessed individual who chooses to let love in. ❤


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