Medicine for What Ails You

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Quadrille #115 – happiness

Medicine for What Ails You

She’s been happied again.
A large dose of giggles washed
down with extra silly filled her
soul – left it overbrimming with joy.
Just when things were looking grim
in rushed the experts with games
and flights of Imagination that only
eight-year olds can summon.

11 thoughts on “Medicine for What Ails You

  1. LOVE everything about this! I was hoping someone would verbify the word happy and you’ve done it. Hurrah! Ah yes…those giggles and that silliness of little girls. That kind of happiness is definitely medicine for what ails you! 🙂 I enjoyed this very much!

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  2. Drug me with happiness, now that’s something I think everyone should have.

    I really love this poem and it makes me giddy, almost as if I am eight years old again. 😀 Thank you for that!

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  3. I love the opening line with the verbified ‘happied’, Candy! I haven’t had a large dose of giggles or any extra silly since I last spent time with my daughter and grandson. Thank you for reminding me!

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