Protest Interrupted

d-Verse Poets Quadrille – Spoiler Alert!
Lillian wants us to ‘spoil’ a perfectly good Quadrille

Protest Interrupted

I wanted to protest against the
Clouds threatening to spoil this
Sunny day – paint homemade signs
march in circles on the beach
I looked up – saw pinks
And yellows painted across the blue
Sky and I knew the sun was in love

Poetic Asides Nov PAD – Day 21 – write a protest poem

8 thoughts on “Protest Interrupted

  1. Late late late to reply☹️. We were out of town for an extended Thanksgiving holiday. Delighted gated to find your absolutely delightful Quadrille as a response to my prompt. You made me smile thinking about someone protesting clouds by parading up and down the beach😊. And I love the idea of the sun falling in love and blushing in pinks!


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