The Painter

Meeting the bar: Common Meter

Frank Hubney is the guest host at d’Verse Poet’s Pub and he has challenged us to write our poems using common meter.

The Painter

If I could paint with hues of blue
I’d paint gray clouds that sadden you
I’d find some yellow and I’d add
The brightest sun in glitter clad
And if that sun does not cheer you
I’d paint myself a gray shade too
Then snuggle close along your side
Until your tears have all been dried

13 thoughts on “The Painter

  1. Very nice sound to this and perfect meter and rhyme. I liked the tetrameter lines and the couplet rhymes. I also liked the content with the unusual twist in the last four lines that if the painter failed to brighten the spirits of the other, the painter would join the other in sadness.


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