A Salty Tear

A Salty Tear



Like a clown, this poem paints

on a happy face and goes serenely

about its day cooking, cleaning, caring.

All the while there is a small salty

tear waiting at the corner of its eye –

waiting to be released when

no one can see.




Still Here

Fireblossom Friday: Bang, You’re Dead.

Still Here


i am stardust and
skimming through
your atmosphere

i am the whispered
blowing through
your hair


i am the fog
that hides the
sun from
your face

i am the rain
from the sky like
your tears

i am not gone

The Painter

Meeting the bar: Common Meter

Frank Hubney is the guest host at d’Verse Poet’s Pub and he has challenged us to write our poems using common meter.

The Painter

If I could paint with hues of blue
I’d paint gray clouds that sadden you
I’d find some yellow and I’d add
The brightest sun in glitter clad
And if that sun does not cheer you
I’d paint myself a gray shade too
Then snuggle close along your side
Until your tears have all been dried

Collaboration for Peace – 9

Mish and I are happy to bring you another collaboration



(photo: Candace Kubinec)

We may not see

Scars and bruises

Heartaches hidden deep

Or know the twisted roots

Of troubled minds

Understanding takes time

But we can feel the rain

Of a thousand fears

Streaming down faces

In faraway places

We have never been

We can start here because

Tears are universal

(c) Mish