The Phrenologist

Quadrille # 22 – scar

The Phrenologist

The charlatan claimed to
Be able to read the bumps
And dents on my scull
He massaged, prodded
Poked, stroked
Then told me I was kind,
A little sensitive
What would he tell me
If he could read the scars
On my heart

De has us scar(ffing) up words to fill a Quadrille over at d’Verse Poets Pub

14 thoughts on “The Phrenologist

  1. I learned, way back in my undergraduate days, about the “art of phrenology.” Hadn’t thought about it in many many years. And I have two very wierd bumps on my head…under my very full head of hair. And I remember thinking in those days, well I wonder what a phrenologist would say about these???? Smiling I am…at your words and the memories they invoke. But yes…..there are far more real scars within us all than the bumps on our head. Well done! Unique take on the prompt.

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