Disappearing Love

Quadrille 5 – melt
d’Verse  Poets


he was not perfect but
I loved him
he was short

out of shape but
so am I
he had a smile that

made me smile
dreamy eyes
for only me

time has come to
say goodbye
the sun is warmer

frosty is melting

21 thoughts on “Disappearing Love

  1. A wonderful ride into first lament as one of the few things to love about winter, fades, melts–for now–as Spring spreads viral & blossoms burst in a riot of color, & the air turns sweet with honeysuckle & wild roses. Only said thing in the poem was that frosty needed his capital “F”.


  2. … I always became emotionally attached to my carved pumpkins when I was a kid (wouldn’t allow them into the compost pile until they were truly soft and caved in and crawling with bugs and a.so the snowmen I would create …


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