Waltmarie Poetic Form

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #324 – JUST ONE WORD

On the Bench at Night

I sit as still as a human can –
The sun has set and dusk has settled –
I try to match my breath to the gentle breeze–
Small creatures emerge from daylight hiding places –
and my heart sends out a quiet message –
for you

(I changed one word of Walt Whitman’s title, On the Beach at Night, for this prompt)

Here’s another example of the form

Building a Snowman

They waited for the world to turn white –
Rolled balls of snow, bigger and bigger –
Broken twigs from the apple tree for arms, two hands –
He stood, smiling his pebble smile, until the warm sun appeared –
Then slowly disappeared, until only a memory remained –

I may have created a new poetic form!

Waltmarie Poetic Form-
10 line poem, any subject, even numbered lines are 2 syllables and form their own poem when read separately

The Snowman

Poetic Asides -Wednesday Poetry Prompt – Spring

The Snowman

She built a snowman
On the first day of Spring
Festooned it with a garland

Of frozen daffodils
A line of limp crocus
Buttons marched

Down its rounded belly
A wreath of apple buds
Circled its snowy head

We got about 8” of wet snow – schools were cancelled, the art museum closed – perfect conditions for snowman building.