What About the Pumpkins

Does anyone ask the pumpkins
if they want a silly grin or
mouth wide open in some ghoulish
And do they enjoy sitting on
scratchy cement porches
while children run past
in search of the best treats,
candy not apples
What of the candle
burning deep in its inner-most
parts – does the flame
warm it or remind that pumpkin
of friends lost to baking
What about the pumpkins
Who will speak for them


written for the prompt on Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild


6 thoughts on “What About the Pumpkins

  1. A gorgeous whimsical diversion. Every time I hack into a pumpkin, I’ll be sure to thank it for its martyrdom. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  2. Hi Candy,
    LOVE this poem about pumpkins! It certainly is about time that someone considered the humble pumpkin’s point of view on this.Kudos to you-dos for taking on a 30 day challenge, and taking on 2 month long challenges in the same month…Wow! Wishing you overflowing creativity, an abundance of interesting subjects/prompts and perseverance to conquer the challenge. Was trying to pick a post to share with you that would somehow connect with your blog and this one about homeschooling was the closest one to poetry. Hope you enjoy taking a small peek into my world as much as I enjoyed your pumpkin’s take!


    Have a great week and keep on keepin’ on!
    Karen Doll


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