What About the Pumpkins

Does anyone ask the pumpkins
if they want a silly grin or
mouth wide open in some ghoulish
And do they enjoy sitting on
scratchy cement porches
while children run past
in search of the best treats,
candy not apples
What of the candle
burning deep in its inner-most
parts – does the flame
warm it or remind that pumpkin
of friends lost to baking
What about the pumpkins
Who will speak for them


written for the prompt on Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild


Berry Blue

Magic Muffin
Magic Muffin

a brown nutty flour cloud rises from
the green mixing bowl
pale lemon chiffon yellow bananas
blend with bright school bus yellow eggs

all folded one upon the other becoming
bland, tan, until bits of blue (berries) are
gently added – dipped, spooned into pink
and blue fluted paper packages

kissed by brown sugar lips and
tucked into the oven where magic happens


The Phoenix Rising challenge this week is Tea Time/Tag Lines.
I choose the tag line “gourmets first taste their meals with their eyes”



High School Cool

She wasn’t a cheer
leader or even a
wanna-be on
the Pep Squad but
she never missed a
game and yelled when
the home team scored
like the cool girls
and wore the blue and
silver school colors
like the cool girls
her hair was long
and straight
like the cool girls
and it was years before
she realized she was
cooler than the cool girls

Bread and Wine

The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA photo from Wikipedia
The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA
photo from Wikipedia

the faithful come each week
standing in line for a bit of
bread and a taste of wine

there are no ushers or priests
no service or offering
at the old Saint John the Baptist

church only hostesses and waiters
who seat you and take your order
you sip from a cup and

commune with fellow travelers
I think The Baptist
would approve