The Coming Change

d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics – Dungeons and Derivatives
Quite a challenge today! Choose a line from one of Sanaa’a poems and write your own poem using derivatives of its words.
Here is my attempt using the following line:

5 “The rustling of leaves; I have stood many a time at the doorway of dreaming.” – Buck Moon ~ Part two: Seeing things.

The Coming Change

Flower petals hang limp and faded
their leaves spotted with disease
The sun’s warmth is abandoning us –

tilting away to warm the faces of others
leaving no heat to see us through the night
Even the geese mock us, honking as

they fly across the sky in formation
Gentle breezes have turned a cold shoulder and
Rusted leaves stand in the doorway of my dreams

High Flying Dreamer

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #38 – Dream

Sweet dreams, De

High Flying Dreamer

I’m dreaming, scheming, seeming
to fly to the edge of the gleaming sun
then fall back to earth,screaming
with joy, hair streaming behind like a sail
inhale, exhale, breath slowly
let it flow, run downhill
until exhausted I rest in the
arms of Orpheus

What About the Pumpkins

Does anyone ask the pumpkins
if they want a silly grin or
mouth wide open in some ghoulish
And do they enjoy sitting on
scratchy cement porches
while children run past
in search of the best treats,
candy not apples
What of the candle
burning deep in its inner-most
parts – does the flame
warm it or remind that pumpkin
of friends lost to baking
What about the pumpkins
Who will speak for them


written for the prompt on Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild

High School Cool

She wasn’t a cheer
leader or even a
wanna-be on
the Pep Squad but
she never missed a
game and yelled when
the home team scored
like the cool girls
and wore the blue and
silver school colors
like the cool girls
her hair was long
and straight
like the cool girls
and it was years before
she realized she was
cooler than the cool girls