Thought Crimes

Flash 55 Plus

It’s the 55 word challenge in the Garden . The Plus is to use words from George Orwell’s novel 1984.


Thought Crimes

I have committed thought crimes
On a daily basis
In the car
At the gym
Sitting across from a friend
Not the Down With Big Brother
Kind of thoughts
But hurtful thoughts if
They were spoken aloud
Some mean-spirited
Others jealous
I’m glad there are no
Thought Police
If there were I
Would be incarcerated

My Lacuna

the word rolls
effortlessly from
my tongue –
it has a romantic
the sound of
a cello playing
a silky feeling
like soft melon
in my mouth
luscious and exotic
hiding the true meaning
the empty place beside
me – the gap in my world
where I am stranded
since you are gone


it’s the Flash 55 PLUS! challenge in theGraden
55 words – the plus is using the word lacuna



hiking the trail
boots treading lightly
backpack like a
papoose hugging
me tightly
I follow those who
blazed the way
through this verdant forest
who honored the
earth and stream –
life source
respected the bear
and coyote, rabbit
and mouse
I walk alone with
only my thoughts
as companions
and those thoughts
are of you

Flash 55 PLUS! at Real Toads

picture from twentytwowords


It’s like the little black
dress of my culinary world
always appropriate –
breakfast, lunch, dinner,
even a midnight raid
pairs with anything –
fruit, wine, tea,
especially hot milk
easy to accessorize
sprinkles, donuts, bacon,
of course sea salt
perpetually in style –
or just hanging at home
reading a good mystery


It’s the 55 Flash Challenge from hedgewitch over in the Garden.
The plus is “pairings”

Night People

Beats Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Beata Beatrix
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Everything has a beginning

formed from misty nowhere

gathering silence into speech

Runic people who found their

place beyond the known world

and dispatch counsel of hope

and peace – without words,

without talk – in the

middle of the night

And in the first light of

morning they retreat again

lingering only in my head,

my heart


Sunday’s Whirligig word list – misty, world, talk, head, again, place, silence, beyond, people, nowhere, beginning, everything


Toads photo prompt