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It’s like the little black
dress of my culinary world
always appropriate –
breakfast, lunch, dinner,
even a midnight raid
pairs with anything –
fruit, wine, tea,
especially hot milk
easy to accessorize
sprinkles, donuts, bacon,
of course sea salt
perpetually in style –
or just hanging at home
reading a good mystery


It’s the 55 Flash Challenge from hedgewitch over in the Garden.
The plus is “pairings”


I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

27 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. Ha! This made me smile–very sweet words(if you’ll pardon the pun) and I so can relate, though maybe not with bacon. Great response to the challenge.Thanks so much for participating!


  2. Meta-physicists claim that chocolate does not exist elsewhere with such gusto & prevalence. That & emotion, particular to this plane of existence, as our pheromones convince us as we process chocolate that we are, in fact, in love.


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