Night People

Beats Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Beata Beatrix
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Everything has a beginning

formed from misty nowhere

gathering silence into speech

Runic people who found their

place beyond the known world

and dispatch counsel of hope

and peace – without words,

without talk – in the

middle of the night

And in the first light of

morning they retreat again

lingering only in my head,

my heart


Sunday’s Whirligig word list – misty, world, talk, head, again, place, silence, beyond, people, nowhere, beginning, everything


Toads photo prompt

33 thoughts on “Night People

  1. I see you enjoy the challenge of more than one prompt mixed. I do, too!

    Very well done. Concise, delightful 55 words!


  2. I think perhaps artists are more closely in touch with the night people and the night world. And with just one word, ‘runic’ you bring in a whole history of myth and legend crowding into my head. This is hauntingly lovely.


  3. I’ve read this several times and for some reason each time it’s this line that stands out to me: “gathering silence into speech”—there is something about it that just tugs at the corners of my mind….it is such an evocative image and so thought-provoking for me. I really like it.


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