Daddy and Vincent

in)Famous and possibly fictional encounters
Real toads are meeting up with someone ‘famous’

Daddy and Vincent


Daddy was a frustrated artist
our house became his canvas
geometric designs in red and green
yellow and orange covered
the kitchen floor
always painting,drawing, doodling
one night, while cleaning
his brushes, adding more swirling streaks
of color to the basement wall,
there was a knock at the door
and there, outside, in the starry night,
was a man with one ear

Solstice Truce

light and dark are in a tug of war
and on the day of winter solstice
they have called a truce
stopped to take a breath
to hold hands and let the
rope slacken
to smile and share a drink
of the universe
equal for a blink of the eye
until they take up the battle
once again, slowly changing
dark to light


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need for peace

my peace is not your peace
for my struggle is not yours
what vexes me you dismiss
with ease and your anxieties
bring me no anguish
your prayers are not my prayers
our snares are not the same
but our needs are not so different
a safe home
food and clean water
a feeling of usefulness
surely then, peace will find us

over at dVerse Bjorn has us thinking about peace

I’ll link at too

Night People

Beats Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Beata Beatrix
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Everything has a beginning

formed from misty nowhere

gathering silence into speech

Runic people who found their

place beyond the known world

and dispatch counsel of hope

and peace – without words,

without talk – in the

middle of the night

And in the first light of

morning they retreat again

lingering only in my head,

my heart


Sunday’s Whirligig word list – misty, world, talk, head, again, place, silence, beyond, people, nowhere, beginning, everything


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Surfs Up

diva chefs

fixer upping

good vs evil

rock star wanna be




lawyers dealing


beauties & beasties

canned laughing

news & views

weather or not

channel surfing

turn off

read a book

Day Dreams

the sun woke slowly

rubbing her eyes

yawning, smiling

remembering the dreams

she dreamed through

the dark night

dancing with orion under

the milky way and

partying with seven sisters

on the red planet

dreams of love songs

played by lyra that

she holds in her heart

as she journeys

across the sky