d’Verse Quadrille #27 – giggle
De has us laughing over our Quadrilles today.
Here’s my silly offering.


we booked the gig(gle)
for Friday night
and I wore a wig(gle)
just for laughs
we danced a jig(gle)
until the street lights came on
by the glow of a flashlight
we read poetry
until our eyes drooped
and the words were mere squiggles

Want To Know

I Want To Know

How the moon learned
to shine
Why planets don’t
get dizzy – spinning
What the stars do
during the day
Where clouds find
rain and snow
Who whispers to
the wind
When you knew


Poetice Asides PAD

d’Verse Poets Pub – OpenLink Night #186

Pie In The Sky

Poetics ~ Recipe Poems
Mish has us cooking up some poetry over at d’Verse Poets Pub

Pie In The Sky

Something’s stirring
Perking, brewing
I feel it simmering
Threatening to boil over
A half-baked plan
With no recipe
And I’ll serve it up
Garnish it with
Multi-colored sprinkles
Put it on your plate
Watch you slurp
All the love I can dish up


Quadrille #19 – spark
De is asking us to put some “spark” in our Quadrille over at dVerse Poets Pub today


It was the spark –
That stray remark made
In the dark while we were
Parked under the stars
With other cars watching
A show on giant screens
I didn’t mean to speak
Out loud, so the whole crowd
Could hear my deepest thoughts

Seasonal Segue

It’s ‘Homophone Me’ at d’Verse Poets Pub

and ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ at Poetic Bloomings

Seasonal Segue

The last leaves wave frantically
Before they have to leave
Trying to get my attention
Gusts of wind roll by in waves
Fall is changing the landscape
Giant cinnamon-roll circles of hay
Dot the fields
Sagging scarecrows still play
The role of protector
I heard flocks of birds overhead
Migrating to warmer climes like
Herds of buffalo across the
Prairie of the sky
I watch a hawk as it climbs higher
Sailing on a thermal draft
And before the last leaf falls –
Stores have moved on to
The next holiday
Leaving me to wonder

Lady October

Over in the Garden we’re writing about October
Lady October

She’s wrinkled and worn
Her beauty fading fast
She limps through the days
Energy waning
longer each night
of lost youth
under a hoarfrost blanket
Cold hands hiding her
warm heart


posting at d’Verse Poets Open Mic too


a big coffee pot always
perking on the back burner
pumping out the acidy
odor of fresh coffee
coffee poured into a
thermos – ready for the
night shift
always coffee on the
table at a restaurant
always coffee
the aroma of my childhood
I never liked coffee but
I miss my dad