My Life as a Word Junkie

My Life as a Word Junkie


I search them out, put them

on lists, hoard them for myself

I secret them away on scraps of

paper and keep them in rows in

the depths of old journals.

I snatch them from the pages

of books and catch them as they

tumble from the mouths of friends

and strangers. I hum them to myself

even when there is no music. I seek

their meanings in a tattered dictionary

and find their relatives between the covers

of a thesaurus. They comfort me

in the middle of the night and sooth

me during storms. Each one is unique,

perfect as it is, and sometimes I string

them together into poems.

23 thoughts on “My Life as a Word Junkie

  1. SMiLes Old Poetry
    FRiEnD Candy
    Words Are
    Of Mine
    That ALWaYS

    Stay And Play
    With me And Even
    Slay All Fears ThiS Way

    Oh How Wonderful A Tool
    of Free Verse Poetry Singing
    Dancing Soul Deep So Free

    No Need For Worries Just Let it
    All Flow Free And What’s Left

    On The Page Will Be WHere
    Still to Go to Listen to the
    Songs of our

    All the Home
    Within so Free to Be i Am..:)


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