My Life as a Word Junkie

My Life as a Word Junkie


I search them out, put them

on lists, hoard them for myself

I secret them away on scraps of

paper and keep them in rows in

the depths of old journals.

I snatch them from the pages

of books and catch them as they

tumble from the mouths of friends

and strangers. I hum them to myself

even when there is no music. I seek

their meanings in a tattered dictionary

and find their relatives between the covers

of a thesaurus. They comfort me

in the middle of the night and sooth

me during storms. Each one is unique,

perfect as it is, and sometimes I string

them together into poems.

Collaboration for Peace -28

Have the courage to listen to the poems of your heart.
Mish and Candy


photo by Mish

Heart Song

Sing your own song
fling it into the air
be bold
shout your own words
devout words
or somber
words of joyfulness
let your heart speak
its unique language
in poems of hopefulness
and peace

Opening Hand

d’Verse¬†Poetics – Can You Give Me A Hand?
Mish at mishunderstoodhas challenged us to write a poem using “hands” as our inspiration.
Opening Hand

she shoved her hand into
a pocket and found she
had nothing to say

her thoughts
were clenched in a fist
sharp ideas dug into her palms

until letter by letter
fingers of words uncurled
she flung them up to the sky

and poems rained down
reached out and waved
farewell to her