Mending Threads

Meet the bar with Chant poetry

Posted by Björn Rudberg (brudberg) in 10 year celebration, FormForAll, Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft

Mending Threads

A mending thread runs from my heart to reach
A mending thread dangling from yours
A mending thread to run from us across the street
A mending thread that will stretch from person to person
A mending thread of love and peace encircling the world
A mending thread to bind our wounds and heal our aching souls
A mending thread we can weave into a giant dream catcher
A mending thread that will hold our gravest nightmares
A mending thread to save me from the loneliness of missing you

14 thoughts on “Mending Threads

  1. Reminds me of an icebreaker we used to do at our support group with a skein of yarn. Our facilitator would tell something about herself then throw the skein to someone else, who would tell something about themselves, and it would continue until every person had a chance to talk, then we’d start again. At the end we were so woven together and we knew so much about each other. Thank you for bringing that memory back to me.

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