Only a Dream

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Only a Dream

She dreamed of leading a big marching band,
With a shiny baton twirling in her small hands
She didn’t want drums or a horn she could toot,
instead she asked Santa for majorette boots

The white leather ones with bright tassels of red.
They’re the pair she envisioned at night, in her bed.
So she went to bed early, this good little girl,
Pulled her blanket way up so it covered her curls.

She kept her eyes closed when wind started to blow,
the rooftops and bushes soon were covered with snow.
The best winter night for dear Santa to bring
the boots that she wanted more than anything

But her letter to Santa must have lacked clear instruction.
The boots under the tree were a felt reproduction.

16 thoughts on “Only a Dream

  1. Admittedly, I laughed at the ending. Goes to show that what we ask for may not be what we would have anticipated. This is a great ending, and perhaps a lesson for the child to be more specific or even grateful for what she was able to get as a present.

    Beautifully written!

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  2. Perhaps this disappointment drove her to become a better, more determined majorette; equally though, she may have just become sullen and decided that she didn’t trust that Santa guy with her heart’s fondest dreams. Laughing gently here.

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