A Scattering of Seeds

d’Verse Poets Pub : Quadrille -…and the most beautiful words are . . .

Thanks to Lillian for sharing the 70 most beautiful words in the English language – according to a survey conducted by the British Council.

Today’s challenge is to write a Quadrille (just 44 words) using the word tranquility.

She scattered seeds and hoped for sunflowers

that would provide for birds and bumble bees.

She nurtured those small seedlings like a mother,

danced under her umbrella when it rained, and

giggled at the sight of a rainbow.

She scatted grace and found tranquility

10 thoughts on “A Scattering of Seeds

  1. I adore this! Scattering, planting, hoping, nurturing, giggling, dancing and finding grace and tranquility. I would like to be her for a day! 🙂 I’d love to have an artist paint her….I wonder what she would look like? Surely she would have freckles and a lovely grin! 🙂

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  2. Freckles and a grin, indeed–and pigtails tied with yellow bows, red hair and green eyes, an overbite and dimples. She’s the female version of Johnny Appleseed–Joanie Sunflowerseed.

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