Passing a Window Late One Night

d’Vers Poets Pub – Poetry Forms – The Rubaiyat
Frank has us ‘forming’ some lines of poetry at the Pub tonight

Passing a Window Late One Night

Our eyes met through the window pane
A chance that may not come again
For just one second we were one
A feeling I can not explain

Then, just as quickly, she was gone
A graceful, caramel colored fawn
I look for her on clear, dark nights
To pass, once more, across my lawn

And wonder if she looks for me
When eating apples from my tree
I won’t forget that look we shared
One night that ended magically

18 thoughts on “Passing a Window Late One Night

  1. That was perfect. Oh those magic meeting of eyes with animals. I am sure we read into it, but oh what a beautiful read. We have all had this magic illusion at sometime, I think. If only cockroaches had big large pupils. Smile


  2. Oh, if only we could read animal’s minds. Very smooth, sweet use of the form. We tell ourselves that we do “read” the thoughts of our pets, but that may be simple projection.


  3. This is quite lovely Candy. Very tender your encounter with this deer, an ringing fondness. I really liked it! I got inspired by this rubaiyat thing and posted two – one dark, one light.


  4. I love this! Isn’t that the truth? That sometimes we can just have a moment of a gaze with a wild creature, an animal we may never see again…and there is some kind of magical kindred experience? Makes me wonder sometimes about reincarnation….if that were true, was I some kind of animal like the one I just gazed at and met on some mystical wave length?


  5. Great poem for making me feel like I am there in the experience. I like how you used Again to rhyme with Explain forcing me to say it Ah-Gain – gives it a formal touch. This see,s like a perfect topic for the form.

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