Draped In Memories



d’Verse Poets Pub -Come hang with me!
We’re ‘hanging out’ with Lilian tonight

It hangs forlornly on the
Old cupboard door
Draped now in only memories
It was the favorite hanger the
One used for the very best clothes
A coal miner’s only suit – shiny with wear
A mother’s Sunday dress, home-made
Of yellow, cotton voile
A little girl’s new. first day of school
Dress, the pink one no one else had worn before
A young man’s striped suit for his wedding
This hanger that once witnessed every special
Occasion in a family’s life is
All that remains

10 thoughts on “Draped In Memories

  1. I love how you link that hanger to people and occasions, Candy, in your poignant poem. I especially love the phrase ‘Draped now in only memories’ and that you have included fine details of the suit ‘shiny with wear’, the Sunday dress, ‘home-made / Of yellow, cotton voile’ and the ‘pink one no one else had worn before’.

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  2. If a hanger can have memories…surely you’ve imbued this hanger with that ability. And I wonder if it heard conversations as these particular clothes were taken off or put on….it probably could tell a lot of stories to us! I love your take on the prompt here. So glad you posted!


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