Capturing the Sun

Sunny-side up! At d’Verse Poets Pub
Lillian is looking for some sun


Capturing the Sun

I picked a bunch of
Buttery daffodils
Trying to capture the sun
To keep a little piece for
Those days when the sky
Is only shades of gray
With dabs of paint and
Bold brush strokes my
Canvas is covered with
Yellow ruffles of sunshine
That cloudy days can not

11 thoughts on “Capturing the Sun

  1. “buttery daffodils” 🙂 Exactly! Never thought of that descriptive word for them but it is exactly right! Makes them even more delectable as a spring flower! We have but 9 days left in Bermuda and that is one thing I shall do very soon after arriving back in Boston….buy a bouquet of daffodils! They do bring sunshine into the house, no matter the weather! 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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