Silent Stones

Fukuroo–Who? Who? Who? dVerse Haibun Monday

Silent Stones

I have ben painting animals on rocks – this years Christmas gift project for my best friends. The ones who will not snicker when they open the package. One calico cat is finished and it looks at me with a bewildered expression as I cover another small rock with white paint. This stone is destined to become an owl for a friend who throws shoes at the squirrels in her garden. I have no illusions that this owl will do anything other than make her smile.


snowy owl
silent as a stone
in the woods

5 thoughts on “Silent Stones

  1. Homemade gifts are the best! I am, as I sit here, looking at my knitting basket that has two unfinished Christmas projects waiting….one sock done and one half-done; and a beautiful shawl that has the most infuriating pattern where I have to count aloud to get the lacing right…and that’s a lot of love knit into a long shawl. I’ve decided the lacing is so intricate that the mistakes will simply appear as another design 🙂
    Would LOVE to receive a painted rock — can think of many uses for it and places for it, other than simply admiring it 🙂

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  2. I love the snowy owl rock as a gift to the friend who throws stones at squirrels. I throw stones at the raccoon that visits our garbage bin at night. It mainly ignores me. I love the thought of giving painted stones as gift. What a great original idea. I can assure, I would not laugh!

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