d’Verse Poets Pub: Form for All–Ottava Rima
Frank is tending bar and has challenged us to try this abababcc form


it was a stray whisper, did you feel it

did you see it as it passed through the tree

did it touch your cheek, just a little bit

did it curl into your ear like a plea

invade your mind and there it paused to sit

until words tumbled from your lips to me

with them was just a hint of discontent

a sour thought allowed to grow, ferment

11 thoughts on “Gossip

  1. A stunning description of gossip, Candy/ Your opening line reminded me of that old George Michael title, ‘Careless Whisper’.. I like the idea of seeing it ‘as it passed through the tree’, as if it were tangible, ‘a sour thought allowed to grow, ferment’.

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  2. I loved this, the way it moved from something apparently sweet and harmless to the warning in the last two lines.


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