Sleeping Over

Celebrating Children’s Poetry – Dreaming with Stacie
It’s all about tickling our inner child in the Garden today. Thanks to Stacie for this funtastic prompt.


Sleeping Over

Who giggled the hardest
When we told goofy jokes
Ate all the popcorn
And drank all the Coke

Who turned on the flashlight
To tell scary stories
Then heard heavy footsteps
And smelled something gory

Who screamed the loudest
Hid under the bed
Eyes shut and ears covered
Pillow over your head

Who fell asleep first
Sleeping bag on the floor
I’ll keep your secret
‘Cause I heard you snore

9 thoughts on “Sleeping Over

  1. This was sooo much fun, Candy. I never had a sleepover but my kids have. My sister knew the boogey man hid under the bed, she would never have “hid under the bed.”

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  2. Thank you for participating in my prompt, Candy! Your poem is a joy to read, takes me back to all those sleepovers I had with my girlfriends. Somehow I was always the one to end up telling the jokes & stories, and always the last one to bed! Have a great weekend! šŸ™‚ -Stacie


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