Spring Snowstorm

d’Verse Poets Pub – Meet the Bar with impressionism
Bjorn has challenged us to write as an impressionist would paint.

Spring Snowstorm

heavy, wet
covers every bare branch
until just a hint of red maple buds
catch the sun’s rays
every shrub, a shapeless mound
the pale gray sky blends into the
featureless landscape where
the booted tracks of a child
create random patterns
of shadow across my yard

19 thoughts on “Spring Snowstorm

  1. I love the muted colours with ‘just a hint of red maple buds’ and the blurring of edges in ‘a shapeless mound’, ‘featureless landscape’ and those tracks creating ‘random patterns
    of shadow’. Your poem has left an impression, Candy!


  2. Candy, thank you for listing all of my blogs! Lonely In San Mateo is gone now (and I’m still lonely.) Lol! I’ve known you for some time, haven’t I? You know Eddie and Sue, I met them back at Live Spaces. Did you have one too? Just curious. I love your painting of a child’s footsteps in the spring snow. Hugs!


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