Skip Toodle-loo

Just skip it
flip it right
into the pond
let that ring, sink, I think
get lost in the muck
stuck in the ooze
skip the roses
weak psychoses
of apologies
skip town instead
go ahead
I’m through with you
so toodle- loo, buckaroo


d’Verse Quadrille is skipping along today

11 thoughts on “Skip Toodle-loo

  1. Oh Lord.. Candy.. i skipped
    all of April.. at dVerse..
    as i drown
    in 338,630
    of Free
    in what
    i name
    as “GodsUniVerseNovel3.”.
    and it took me a while to
    re·sus·ci·tate iN
    a ting
    me.. so here
    i am again..
    all fresh
    like a rose
    and this
    one is for
    you and its
    real.. and no joke..
    as you are always
    nice to me.. and i appreciate
    that very much.. my friend..
    i’M a rEaL wHitE kNiGht
    but fuLL
    oF liGht
    and tesT iN dARk..:)


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