Breaking Up

MTB — Variations on the Rubaiyat – Frank is tending bar at the Pub today


Breaking Up

The moment that you touch my lips
I feel more inches on my hips
More pounds the scale will indicate
If I but make one little slip

I’ve licked you from my fingertips
And savored you as warming sips
I’m sorry darling chocolate
I’m leaving you for crisp kale chips

Just kidding! 🤗  I would never break up with chocolate.


Skip Toodle-loo

Just skip it
flip it right
into the pond
let that ring, sink, I think
get lost in the muck
stuck in the ooze
skip the roses
weak psychoses
of apologies
skip town instead
go ahead
I’m through with you
so toodle- loo, buckaroo


d’Verse Quadrille is skipping along today