Camp Girl

A summer night with stars

and fireflies trying to

outsparkle one another

I inhale deeply the

odor of burning logs and

sounds of singing around

the campfire transports me

to a different time when

a shy six year old spent

her first week at camp

Her mother packed matching

short sets and tennis shoes

The old brown suitcase held

everything on the ‘bring to camp’

list, towels, toothbrush, flaslight,

postcards to write home, stamps

During the days she laughed and swam,

played 4 square and sang Kumbaya

But at night when only the

crickets and owls were awake

she cried silent, homesick tears

I reach up and feel wet tracks

on my cheeks – crying for a little

girl gone away

21 thoughts on “Camp Girl

  1. Ah.. the feeling of homesick at camp in such a good feeling, as it proves one comes from a loving family;
    and truly for me whenever I left the home of my mama, I was homesick as she was the greatest provider
    of nurturing love I ever see; and that gift of nurturing love is a camp of life that will never be equaled for me
    ‘here or
    there’; love is precious
    and homesick is evidence
    of that precious; i truly feel
    sad for the little boys and girls
    that do not miss home at all;
    that is sad
    to me
    beyond tears
    where love
    can even be missed;
    i was the luckiest
    little homesick
    boy; I was
    to chicken
    to go to
    only homesick
    visiting my father..:)


  2. Nice. I grew up camping, so spent a lot of time out in the woods.
    I miss aspects of my childhood as well, but then again I get to relive
    it a bit with my own boys. Def an emotinal piece.


  3. You nailed it. During the day, camp was a wondrous place; night, however, brought strange sounds and memories of home, friends and activities missed. Of course, once camp was over, nighttime brought memories of summer friends, campfires, swimming, riding, and activities missed until next season.


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