Letting Go


the mourning moon
reminds me to let go
to start anew
pack up the useless
have a garage sale
maybe someone else
can take my irrational
fear of failure and fold
it into origami cranes

Tonight there is a full moon, the last full moon before the winter solstice.It is sometimes called the Mourning Moon- a reminder to let go of unnecessary possessions, emotions, attachments



Camp Girl

A summer night with stars

and fireflies trying to

outsparkle one another

I inhale deeply the

odor of burning logs and

sounds of singing around

the campfire transports me

to a different time when

a shy six year old spent

her first week at camp

Her mother packed matching

short sets and tennis shoes

The old brown suitcase held

everything on the ‘bring to camp’

list, towels, toothbrush, flaslight,

postcards to write home, stamps

During the days she laughed and swam,

played 4 square and sang Kumbaya

But at night when only the

crickets and owls were awake

she cried silent, homesick tears

I reach up and feel wet tracks

on my cheeks – crying for a little

girl gone away