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No one goes there any more
It used to be the best playground
with swings and sandboxes and

a box hockey game
The slides were shiny metal
and in the heat of summer

you could feel the burn on your
bare legs the whole way to the
bottom and after a rain you would

land in a muddy puddle
Now it is an empty lot, abandoned
for the newer, safer playground

across town that grownups drive
the kids to watching as they swing
on swings with safety harnesses

and slide down slides that stay
cool to the touch, landing on
a soft rubber surface, or climb

on engineered walls with rules
posted at the bottom
Maybe, someday, kids can

be kids again
play in the mud, swing higher
and higher, pumping their legs,

climb to the top of a rock pile
and proclaim themselves
rulers of the world


this poem was prompted by Imagined by Bjorn – Time Travel

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Camp Girl

A summer night with stars

and fireflies trying to

outsparkle one another

I inhale deeply the

odor of burning logs and

sounds of singing around

the campfire transports me

to a different time when

a shy six year old spent

her first week at camp

Her mother packed matching

short sets and tennis shoes

The old brown suitcase held

everything on the ‘bring to camp’

list, towels, toothbrush, flaslight,

postcards to write home, stamps

During the days she laughed and swam,

played 4 square and sang Kumbaya

But at night when only the

crickets and owls were awake

she cried silent, homesick tears

I reach up and feel wet tracks

on my cheeks – crying for a little

girl gone away