The End of the Road(show)

found pieces
yard sales
waiting in
lines filled with folks
wearing comfy shoes
and colorful shirts
hoping they will
be sitting at the blue
table with grandmother’s
(fill in the blank) before the

Time Loop

somewhere around the bend
is where our tomorrow lies
bend my mind around your
lies until it comes unwound
your smile will bind the pieces
unwound the clock of today
pieces fall in pools of time
today lags far behind
time on the path to somewhere


the OctPoWri Mo challenge today is to write a loop poem where the last word in the first line is the first in the third a the last of the second is the first of rhe fourth and so on.

I certainly found it to be challenging – at least I gave it a shot.

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Unrequited Love


she couldnt cook
he didnt care
her smile boiled his blood
her eyes held a dare

she didn’t dust
or so it seemed
her touch gave him chills
her kiss was his dream

their laundry piled
around the room
her scent made him groan
sweet voice like perfume

his heart knew well
he shouldn’t stay
she wasn’t his fate
with his soul he’d pay

so at midnight
leaving desire
climbed out the window
escaped his vampire


for OctPoWriMo we were asked to choose a picture from Public Domain Pictures then write a story poem.

I started out to write a story about a woman who couldnt cook, however the story took a halloweeny turn and I was powerless to stop it.

Cosmic Love

sun confetti floats around
the room settling
on every surface

are you in those motes
have you become a
speck in the universe

if I listen to the wind
will I hear you laughing
do you whisper to me

in a snowflake
is that you tapping
on my window

when it rains
I stand alone in the
night waiting to feel

your kiss in a moonbeam
you are gone and still
I search


Morning Delusions

I sit on the porch swing
watching as night shrugs
off its gray shawl and dawn
slips on a rosy pink sweater
My morning tea sends up
luscious swirls of Earl Gray mist
and my mouth begins to
water in anticipation of
the first bite into a cinnamon scone
I open my eyes and smile
inwardly knowing that a mug of
tea and a scone are my reward
for rolling out of bed even after
the sun is already on the job
and night has long since retired

OctPoWriMo prompt today is “Two Lies and One Truth”

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Dear Me

Dear lovely head, hold thoughts of hope and joy – do not let darkness in.
Dear sparkling eyes, find the beauty in all you behold – it is there.
Dear pixie ears, listen to the music of nature – in all seasons.
Dear smiling mouth, do your best to speak truth – but always kindly.
Dear gentle hands, reach out to give aid to others – and accept aid when you are in need.
Dear slender fingers, touch others with love – hold tenderly those who are precious.
Dear faithful feet, travel the path of your own making – the crowd is often headed in the wrong


The OctPoWriMo prompt today is to write a “Dear” poem.

Each line starts with “dear (name)”. It is one sentence with one word after thr sentence

I didn’t quite follow the form exactly 😉

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Prone to Falling

she should wear a wrist band
like in a nursing home –
“fall risk” it reads
in bold letters
she falls for anything
the chop-o-matic that
doesn’t chop onions
the sham-wow that
leaves streaks on her car
a money back guarantee
with fine print
the promise of free shipping
one size fits all
and the man who promised
he would never leave


Things are not always what they seem – thats the prompt at OctPoWriMo today

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow