Dear Me

Dear lovely head, hold thoughts of hope and joy – do not let darkness in.
Dear sparkling eyes, find the beauty in all you behold – it is there.
Dear pixie ears, listen to the music of nature – in all seasons.
Dear smiling mouth, do your best to speak truth – but always kindly.
Dear gentle hands, reach out to give aid to others – and accept aid when you are in need.
Dear slender fingers, touch others with love – hold tenderly those who are precious.
Dear faithful feet, travel the path of your own making – the crowd is often headed in the wrong


The OctPoWriMo prompt today is to write a “Dear” poem.

Each line starts with “dear (name)”. It is one sentence with one word after thr sentence

I didn’t quite follow the form exactly šŸ˜‰

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow

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