I have no office
just a comfy chair
and shelves with books
where I can close my eyes
and dream of letters dancing
across a stage, twirling in the
spotlight, doing the tango
together until at last,
exhausted, they fall in a
heap of tangled words
i pick them up and
set them free
I have no office
just a comfy chair
where I can dream

Poetic Asides PAD 18 – write an office poem”

Hiding Moon


gentle moon
hums a simple tune
with eyes closed
hides behind cloudy
thinks I won’t see him
I’ll free him from
listening to my
dreams or my
midnight screams
but I know I can
depend on him
my childhood


Poetic Asides Wednesday Prompt is “hidden”

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Jacek Yerka, 2011
Jacek Yerka, 2011

i dreamed i floated down a stream
left time behind to wait for me

and while i slept my friend, alone
stood patiently to light my way

back from the darkness of midnight
the slivered moon hung silently

afraid to shine and break the spell
i left all that i knew to fate

until the tide of dawn returned
me safely to my vacant bed