d’Verse Poets Pub -Quadrille #41 – spice
Mish is ‘spicing’ things up at the pub today



the dark and empty night would
have no shine without the
moon to light the way
the sky would be a flat
slate overhead without the
clouds to add softness
there would be no spice
if the stars did
not wink down on us

A Cloudy Day


Your challenge today toads, is to Let your words dance with me in celebration. Forgetting all others, focus your gaze on The Fold and write using the form. You can write fiction fact or fantasy, staying true to the following guidelines:
1. 11 lines
2.The end phrase of Line one repeats at Lines 5 and 11
3.The rhyme of line 1 continues through in every other line
4. There must be a reference to nature and how it affect you the poet’

Quite a challenge Gillena has given us today

A Cloudy Day
clouds drift by forming pictures in the sky
a horse, a dragon, a tall sailing ship
I watch them pass and dream that I
am floating along with them
no longer tied to earth, now just pictures in the sky
forming and reforming into fanciful shapes
a dog, a castle, a huge butterfly
the wind begins to howl and beak apart
this cloudy art and I must say goodbye
run back inside and from my window gaze
at a blank canvas, erased of all pictures in the sky

The Painter

Meeting the bar: Common Meter

Frank Hubney is the guest host at d’Verse Poet’s Pub and he has challenged us to write our poems using common meter.

The Painter

If I could paint with hues of blue
I’d paint gray clouds that sadden you
I’d find some yellow and I’d add
The brightest sun in glitter clad
And if that sun does not cheer you
I’d paint myself a gray shade too
Then snuggle close along your side
Until your tears have all been dried

Listen October

Listen October –

Why are you Golden-

Why are days Shorter-

Where is the Sun-

What do you say – eh?


Here says the Sun –

Just behind Clouds-

Just farther Away-

Still your bright Star-

Still shining above.


Night’s Glittering stars-

Show me the Bear-

Show me some Sisters-

Show me the Hunter

Look up – said the Sky

Emily Dickinson provided the inspiration in Fashion Me Your Words today at Real Toads.


Transforming with Nature’s Wonders

Hannah has challenged us to find a quote to tickle our muses. Here’s one from Bob Dylan

“I can be jubilant one moment and pensive the next, and a cloud could go by and make that happen.”
~ Bob Dylan



my muse was hiding among
the gathering clouds
pouting,sullen,and dusky
when slowly a patch
of blue elbowed through
and I,
like a flower,
turned toward the sun