On Pain and Survival

On Pain and Survival



There is no such thing as getting over something

You will eventually get through it, but a part of

that something will always remain. The tricky bit

is not to let that part be the heaviest piece of you,

to find a place where you can tuck it away like a

tacky old souvenir. Others may tell you to get rid of it,

let it go, but how do you get rid of something that has a

place in your memory? You will find yourself pulling it out,

feeling the pain or fear, or terror once again. The most

difficult task is tucking it away again and again,

until you barely remember it is there. Then, one day, when

you’re dusting off your memories, you will find it, and it may

still hurt, but you can pat yourself on the back and say, “I

got through it.”


-Candace Kubinec


7 thoughts on “On Pain and Survival

  1. “The most difficult task is tucking it away again and again, until you barely remember it is there.” Yes I wholeheartedly agree!


  2. I really like your piece here Candace. Poignant snd empowering. My CHF, diabetes, and RA demand their moments each day — but I have refused to forfeit my life to their jongoing pain and complications. The RA robbed my ability to physically create my 3D mixed-media art, but it did not steal my creativity. I am finding ways utilizing elements snd mediums I can manage. I also have frequent moments of real joy each day — and ongoing satisfaction from my writing, and in such, a wonderful place to escape for hours each day.


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