Not Alone

Not Alone

I am never really alone
I hear the call of geese
overhead as they migrate North or South, or feel a
as it brushes the trees. They wave to me and
the secrets of the forest, of birds, of beasts,
of you

* Waltmarie Poetic Form-
10 line poem, any subject, even numbered lines are 2 syllables and form their own poem when read separately. Odd lines are longer with no specific syllable count.

7 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. It’s a blessing, I believe, to have the wild things whisper to us. You’ve done a great job with the poetic form—it’s hard to do!

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  2. You continue to amaze with this form, Candace.

    Since the changes at Poetic Asides, has Robert’s contact info changed? I have a couple forms to run past him but i think I may have an old e-mail. If you can leave it over at PB, I’d appreciate it. Walt.


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