spirit(ual) animal

d’ Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #93: Spirited Poems

spirit(ual) animal
there is something spiritual
about my cat – with golden eyes
that hold the wisdom of the ages,
and soft white coat –
she sits quietly on the window
alter, contemplating raindrops and
wind blown leaves, communing
with birds on the other side of
the glass.

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8 thoughts on “spirit(ual) animal

  1. I so identify with your quadrille, Candy, having two beautiful cats of my own (and the spirits of those that are no longer with us). Coincidentally, Mojo is currently sitting quietly beside me by the window! No birds this morning – maybe it’s just too cold.

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  2. Butterflies taste
    Flowers with
    Legs See with
    30,000 Lenses
    Shame on
    the Spirit
    of my iPhoneXs only
    2 And even NeWesT
    Models with only
    3 Lens of Spirit See
    So True Butterfly
    Wings Spirit Wind Brings..:)


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